WEA Coast is a campus of WEA Hunter.

*We are one organisation who service the needs of many communities. Due to this where there are whole of business statements WEA Hunter and WEA Coast names shall be considered interchangeable.


WEA Hunter is quality learning


WEA Hunter enhances people’s lives by delivering quality learning, accessible to all

Core Values

Integrity – Innovation – Inclusion

WEA Coast

WEA Coast is the new name for Forster Tuncurry Community College.
(FTCC) is a not-for-profit, community based, Registered Training Organisation, which has provided a diverse range of quality accredited (VET) and non-accredited courses to the Great Lakes Community since 1984. Our program is very broad ranging from computer, business and vocational training, to language, health and well-being, cooking and art. We also have an online program available including accredited Medical courses, Certificate IV in Property (Real Estate), plus a large range of general interest courses via our Online Education Centre. We offer customised courses for employers, job seekers and special groups that can be delivered either at the College or at your business, ensuring flexible, accessible and equitable courses being delivered to meet community needs.

Our professional, well qualified staff and tutors are all committed to providing the highest possible service and achieving quality outcomes for all our customers, enabling students from all backgrounds to participate in lifelong learning and excel in an ever-changing environment.

FTCC has modern and comfortable training facilities available for general hire, including a Computer Lab and a Hospitality Kitchen, located in a prominent position in Tuncurry.
In 2014 Forster Tuncurry Community College Inc (FTCC) made the proactive and brave decision that to ensure the education and training service provision in the local community that they needed to become a part of a much larger and robust Registered Training Organisation – but one who shared their education and business philosophy about the importance of community based service provision. Enter WEA Hunter, based in Newcastle. As of July 1 2014 FTCC has become a training campus of WEA Hunter known as WEA Coast. This strategic alliance will ensure greater opportunities into the future for the people of the Great Lakes area to access innovative, affordable and quality training.

To read information regarding WEA Hunter’s Tuition Assurance Scheme please click here: Tuition Assurance Scheme

To read information about our Fee, Withdrawal and Refund Policy please click here: Fee, Withdrawal and Refund Policy

About WEA Hunter

WEA Hunter has a long and proud history as the leading provider of community based adult learning in the Hunter Region. WEA Hunter (Worker’s Educational Association – Hunter) is a public company limited by guarantee. It is an independent non-profit community based organisation whose sole aim is to promote and provide educational opportunities for adults.

Since 1913, WEA Hunter has delivered a diverse range of learning opportunities for all sections of our community. The Workers' Educational Association originated in England and was introduced into Australia in 1913. In its heyday it operated in every state except Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Nowadays, the WEA exists in New South Wales (Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong) and in South Australia (Adelaide).

Courses were first offered in the Hunter in 1913 in Newcastle, Waratah and Cessnock. The Northern Branch of the WEA of NSW formed in Newcastle in March 1917.

WEA Hunter is the 5th largest provider of community based adult learning in NSW* and when Government Contract Training, Business and Industry Training and Youth Programs are added – this not only makes WEA Hunter one of the largest but also one of the most diverse training providers in NSW.

While most of our income is generated from the general community, we also successfully tender for government funded and private sector business funded courses and programs. A course guide is produced and distributed, detailing all programs available as fee-for-service. WEA Hunter is committed to ensuring training is available to all sectors of the community, including business operators and corporate clients. WEA Hunter offers between 250 and 350 courses each year

No matter who the client is, we aim to provide a ‘value-for-investment’ learning experience.

WEA Hunter is accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

WEA Hunter makes a substantial contribution not just to the local economy but more importantly to the wellbeing of individuals within the community. Be it through skill enhancement, personal development or increased self-esteem, WEA Hunter’s objective of being a conduit through which individuals become better people is being realised every day. We hope that by contributing to the development of individuals, WEA in turns allows those individuals to contribute fully to their community and society in general.

A Board of Directors is elected annually. Full Board meetings are held every second month with the executive meeting in alternate months. The Board’s primary functions are to make policy decisions and oversee the direction and operation of the company. The Board appoints an Executive Director who is responsible for the efficient and effective running of the organisation. The General Manager of WEA Hunter is then responsible for translating the Strategic Plan into operational activities

*based on 2012 Student Contact Hours delivered